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An Improvement to Collingwood’s Monument

14th April 2024 by Penbal Wizard

The Way Forward for North Shields Football Club and INSSA

12th March 2024

It is undeniable that there is a long standing mistrust, sometimes animosity, between the fanbase and the club committee. It has been festering for as long as the infrastructure has been decaying. I don’t want to rake up old issues nor apportion blame in such a crisis. The past is the past, but we must learn from it.

INSSA Committee Statement to Members and Supporters following the Meeting with North Shields FC’s Committee

9th March 2024

On Monday 4th March INSSA’s interim committee met with that of NSFC in the Robin’s Nest, accompanied by Garreth Cummins of The FSA.

Why INSSA? Because Football is Crucial

16th Feb 2024

“Football is in my blood. It’s in my bones. It’s in my DNA. As a lad raised in the USA during a period of economic decline and de-industrialization matched by that in the UK, and born to a Lebanese mum and a Scottish dad, football was hugely important to our family.”

An Open Letter to North Shields FC Committee

31st Jan 2024

“We represent the newly formed Independent North Shields Supporters Association. We have formed this fans’ group in response to the club statement issued on 15th December, where it was declared that the club is in an “impossible financial situation” and “financially crippled”. It was at the meeting following this news that the club leadership appealed to the fans to provide any help they could.
  A deep and urgent crisis of this nature necessitates genuine and sustained action on behalf of the fans in order to help secure the future of the club.”

The Best Outcome for Tynemouth Outdoor Pool

10th Jan 2024

More than anything, this kind of flagship development would fund the running of the pool, while creating a hotspot on the seafront that provides an ideal counterpoint to the Tynemouth Castle Inn, half a mile up the sands.

The Tyne Brand Factory Needs to Be Flattened

15th September 2023

The Ouseburn in Byker is the model here. It was a hive of industry and it was able to survive decades of decline and then reinvent itself as a hub of artists and businesses, with pubs, parkland and a city farm surrounding it. There is no reason the Pow Dene can’t be a new Ouseburn, but one with stunning views of the harbour.

Tynemouth’s Two Fountains Need Restoring

17th August 2023

Tynemouth’s drinking fountains, built within a year of each other, in 1861 and 1862, were symbols of the town’s growth and were public luxuries in their day. Why is it then, that one of them lies permanently buried, while the other is partially defunct?

Why Wallsend Needs a (New) Statue of Hadrian

8th April 2023

The question for me is not, why Wallsend should have one, but why hasn’t Wallsend got one? The Trajan statue is a famous attraction in the capital and one of Hadrian would be just as popular if not more so here in Tyneside.

The Case for a Tynemouth Museum

4th April 2023

It’s important that Tynemouth preserves and promotes its identity, giving people who visit a deeper affinity with the place. A museum is the medium for this and there is no better place than right in the middle of the village, with the footfall it receives.

Land Contamination at Holborn Docks in South Shields ☣️

3rd April 2023

Tackling toxic tributyltin deposits in the riverside earthworks currently under development.

Dutch Marine Engineers Van Oord to Establish Tyne Base

24th March 2023

Royal Van Oord’s flagship wind installation vessel Aeolus will be stationed at the Tyne from January 2024, making regular trips to the Sofia Wind Farm at Dogger Bank.

Metro travel is not really about having leisurely sociable journeys, or even pleasant ones, but the new trains will actually make getting from A to B much more pleasant and stress free.

It’s Time to Restore Tynemouth Pool and Give People Some Well-Being and Pride

19th Feb 2023

The renovation of the Tynemouth Outdoor Pool appears to be up for Council review in the next few weeks and the community need to see some real resolution and progress on this absolutely dilapidated eyesore.

Largest Wind Farm in the World to be Serviced by Four Ships from the Tyne

13th Feb 2023

The project will create hundreds of jobs locally as Tyne Dock Clean Energy Park is the operations and maintenance base.

Bluebird Engine Started for the First Time Since 1967

29th Jan 2023

The North Shields Bluebird Project fired the engine of the feted and ill-fated hydroplane Bluebird K7 that set seven water speed records in the 1950s & 60s.

A Sad Failure for ‘An Ambition for North Shields’

13th Jan 2023

In the space of a few months we’re seeing the likely destruction of a SECOND heritage bridge in North Shields.

A Game-Changer for North Shields

11th Jan 2023

A ferry link to Scandinavia could return to the Tyne in 2026.