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Lung Sounds, Beach

by Christopher Martin

St Mary’s Light on Penbal Crag

“From mountain ridge to forest cave
The scattered flowers of summer smile,
But dark and heavy rolls the wave
That sweeps round Tynemouth’s cloistered pile.”

Crossing the Bar

by Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1889)

Under Howard Street

by Dean Jolly

A lesser known gem of a song from Lindisfarne’s lead singer.

Low Light — A Shanty by Katrina Porteous 🎶

This ballad was inspired by a conversation with Sheila Hirsch at the Old Low Light, North Shields. Sheila is believed to have been the first female trawler skipper in the UK. Fishing remains the most dangerous occupation in the country, and this ballad is dedicated to everyone who has lost someone at sea.

Time and the Shoe Man

Harbour scene with fishing boat

Here’s a little story by Tynemouth writer Celia Bryce, about Father Time, a fox and a cobbler travelling through the years in North Shields.

Tyne river god

“The Giant Cor, who claimed the Tyne as his own special property, and who dwelt on its banks where his name is now associated with the village— once took it into his head to shut the tide out of the river. In order to do this effectually, he brought lapfuls of stones from Newbiggin, Hartley, and Whitley points and threw them into the entrance to the Tyne, just within the Bar… “

“And for Canny Shiels We Soon Were Baring” 🎶

‘The Shoals of Herring’ is about a fisherman sailing from port to port along the east coast of England through the summer. It was written in 1960 by Ewan MacColl, but surely the best version is this one by Luke Kelly and the Dubliners. The power in his voice is immense.

At Tynemouth Priory

by William Lisle Bowles

Stranger on the Shore

by Luan Hanratty