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Charles Dickens’ Description of Tynemouth

No one but Dickens could craft such a delightful and evocative passage. This trip was in 1867, but he was a regular visitor to the region as his partner was Nelly Ternan, an actress from Newcastle. Clearly, he fell in love with the place.

‘View of Tynemouth Harbour showing the ruins of the mediaeval monsatery’ — Edward Duncan (1867)

4 thoughts on “Charles Dickens’ Description of Tynemouth”

  1. Fascinating link between Dickens and Tynemouth, thankyou! Couldn’t resist googling “Nelly Ternan” – wikipedia reckons Ellen ernan was born in Rochester, Kent, not Newcastle… though of course, she may have performed in Newcastle. Best wishes, Neville

  2. That’s an interesting piece about Charles Dickens although although Nell Ternan wasn’t an actress from Newcastle. Her father managed the Theatre Royal when she was young but he had a breakdown and they moved back down to Kent. Nell met Dickens in Manchester when with her mother and two older sisters she took part in The Frozen Deep, a play by Dickens and Wilkie Collins. Nell was 17 when they met. She and her sisters are nburied in Highland Road Cemetery, Southsea, about 400 yards from where I live.

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