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I asked AI to write a poem about Cullercoats, and this is what it came up with 👀

Quite bizarre and actually pretty good!

Alan Turing, when defining his eponymous test for artificial intelligence, used the ability to compose a poem about the Forth Bridge as his prime example. I’m sure he’d be awestruck by how far computing has come. This was written practically instantly.

1 thought on “I asked Artificial Intelligence to write a poem about Cullercoats, and this is what it came up with 👀”

  1. Here’s one for Shields:

    North Shields, a town by the sea,
    Whose harbor bustles with activity.
    Fishing boats and ships come and go,
    Carrying cargo and stories to show.

    The river Tyne flows by its side,
    A lifeline for trade and maritime pride.
    Its banks dotted with pubs and bars,
    A perfect spot to admire the stars.

    The Fish Quay, a place of history,
    Where fishing families lived in unity.
    Nowadays, it’s a hub for food,
    Fish and chips, and seafood stewed.

    The High Street, lined with shops,
    A busy place that never stops.
    From local boutiques to chain stores,
    Something for everyone to explore.

    The “Clifford’s Fort” stands tall and proud,
    A reminder of North Shield’s past aloud.
    Built to defend against foreign foes,
    Now it’s a monument to cherish and show.

    North Shields, a town with a heart,
    Its people friendly, kind, and smart.
    A place to visit and call home,
    Where the sea meets the land, and you can roam.

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