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The Black Middens and the Myth of Cor

I recently came across this wonderful tale about the Tyne god, Cor, in a detailed post by Celtic historian, William Young, exploring the origins of the name Corbridge. It’s well worth a read here:

The origin story is that Cor was a blind giant who ruled the Tyne Valley and fought with his brothers Ben and Con over possession of an enormous hammer. Ben and Con gave their names to Benfieldside and Consett in Durham, while Cor presided to the north of the river and founded Coria, the Roman ruins of which preceded Corbridge. Young argues that this story likely derives from the original Celtic mythology of the Tyne Valley.

Tyne river god
This mask hangs in the Central Library and celebrates Cor as a coal-carrying river god, serving to make Newcastle rich.

The Myth of Cor at Tynemouth

Illustration from the book poetry submissions ad

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