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King Eddies Corollary: Curating the Art

A collection of 19th century paintings of this well-practised view, only with dates and titles referencing the bay, e.g. not titled, ‘A View of Tynemouth Castle and Priory’ — which is a shame because there’s some beautiful work omitted, but this has to be a targeted list for it to be relevant to the earlier post.

The majority of these paintings are held by the Wallington Gallery in Corbridge. Even with some of these works titled retroactively or even mislabelled, the quantity of work here provides pretty strong proof that the name ‘King Edward’s’ was in common use before the 20th century (Edward VII was crowned in 1901).

1. King Edward’s Bay, Tynemouth – John Falconer Slater (1857-1937), local artist.
2. Stormy Sea, King Edward’s Bay towards Tynemouth – John Falconer Slater.
3. Stormy Sea, King Edward’s Bay – John Falconer Slater.
4. Moonlit Sea over King Edward’s Bay – John Falconer Slater.
5. King Edward’s Bay, Tynemouth (1864) – Frederick Dove Ogilvie (1850-1921), local artist.
6. King Edward’s Bay, Tynemouth / View of Tynemouth Harbour showing the ruins of the medieval monastery (1867) – Edward Duncan (1803-1882), London artist.

7. King Edward’s Bay and the Tynemouth Headland (1839) – Thomas Miles Richardson (Senior) (1784-1848), local artist.
8. Percy Bay, Tynemouth – Thomas Miles Richardson (Senior), attributed to.
9. Tynemouth Castle from Percy Bay – Thomas Miles Richardson II (1813-1890), local artist.
10. King Edward’s Bay, Tynemouth – George Edward Horton (1859-1950), local artist.
11. A View of Tynemouth Priory and Castle, overlooking bathers on the shore of King Edward’s Bay [Actually the Haven but I have it included because the title appears genuine] (c.1800) – British School.
12. King Edward’s Bay (c.1850s) – William Bell Scott, local artist. “The label from the old mount was inscribed: ‘Burnett, Collingwood House, Tynemouth’ and ‘King Edward’s Bay. by W B Scott’. It was included in the 1887 Newcastle Industry Exhibition. The title was inscribed on an old label.” – British Museum notes. This painting is a study for his “Descent of the Danes” (1858).
13. Short Sands, Tynemouth (1902) – Thomas Swift Hutton (1860-1935), local artist. Note: ‘Short Sands’ is an old name but typically refers to the beach rather than the whole bay. OS maps have always labelled the beach as ‘Short Sands’ and by the 1960s both names were used.
14. Short Sands, Tynemouth – Thomas Swift Hutton.
15. St Edward’s Bay, Tynemouth – George Blackie Sticks (1843-1900), local artist.

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