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Largest Wind Farm in the World (277 turbines) to be serviced by four ships from the Tyne

13th February 2023

When completed the wind farm will meet 5% of UK energy demand.
Photo: Fokke Baarssen

The Dogger Bank Wind Farm is the flagship state-of-the-art project for the UK to meet its climate change targets. It is going to reduce carbon emissions by up to 4.5 million tonnes per year and power up to 6 million homes.

The project will create hundreds of jobs locally as Tyne Dock Clean Energy Park is the operations and maintenance base. It also presents a number of opportunities in the supply chain area, while the four Vietnam-built service vessels should be regular sights on the river operating in rotation out of Tyne Dock.

3 ships designed and delivered by North Star (Aberdeen), 1 by Alicat (Great Yarmouth) in partnership with VARD (Vietnam)

The building of the wind farm will take place in 3 phases with each phase harnessing a generation capacity of 1.2 Gigawatts. The first phase is expected to be completed this year and the final phase in 2026.

This will be enough to power two million homes

Doggerland is a sunken landmass between Britain and the Netherlands that was once inhabited. This North Sea ‘Atlantis’ flooded several thousand years ago and when you cross today, the sea is only 30m deep in this area. That makes it the perfect place to build a wind farm of such scale in order to meet the country’s increasing energy needs.

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