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An Open Letter to North Shields FC Committee

31st Jan 2024

Dear Club Committee,

We represent the newly formed Independent North Shields Supporters Association. We have formed this fans’ group in response to the club statement issued on 15th December, where it was declared that the club is in an “impossible financial situation” and “financially crippled”. It was at the meeting following this news that the club leadership appealed to the fans to provide any help they could.

A deep and urgent crisis of this nature necessitates genuine and sustained action on behalf of the fans in order to help secure the future of the club. We are set up with the purpose of preventing a collapse like this ever happening again.

We are affiliated to the Football Supporters’ Association and our website, with our aims and mission statement as well as a membership signup form, is found at

We hope that we can work in cooperation with the club to raise funds to sustain the future of the club and build NSFC into a successful club competitively, commercially and socially.

Yours sincerely,

William Jarrett,
Independent North Shields Supporters Association

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